Daniel Aldo Gomez : Nature and Environmental Photograper
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* MA in Documentary Photography
* MSc in Biology specialising in Ecology
* BA in Photojournalism
* Winner of the Silver Pyramid as Best Argentine Wildlife Photographer
* Award for outstanding work on Nature Conservation as Nature Interpreter


Freelance Nature and Environmental Photographer

Produced images for magazines, newspapers, scientists and organizations, gaining privileged access to restricted and remote areas all over the world (Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, SE Asia, Borneo, Pacific islands, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Antarctica). Personal photo library accommodates a wide range of customers, including publishers, advertising agencies, scientific institutions, educational and governmental agencies.

Researcher in Ecology & Nature Conservation

As part of research teams, organized and led scientific expeditions to remote locations in South America for Argentina’s National Park Service, BirdLife International and New York Zoological Society, among others. Assessed areas of natural significance, carried out biodiversity inventories, set up conservation priorities, and lobbied for their long-term protection. Assisted authorities in the decision making process, facilitating local, national and international agreements supporting the creation of new National Parks. Participated in the making of National Park management plans.

Field Assistant Producer and Location Manager

Researched and scouted remote locations in Latin America, coordinated logistics and set up film trips for Natural History documentary filmmakers as BBC, Discovery and Animal Planet, among many others. Contacted and liaised with scientists, organizations and authorities. Coordinated and supervised local assistance on location.


Lectured and organized workshops on Documentary Photography, Biology, Ecology, Wildlife, Nature Conservation, Eco-Tourism and Environmental issues in Argentina and on tour around the USA and the United Kingdom. Also, gave lectures at the National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina’s First School of Naturalists and at various environmental NGOs to increase public awareness of the environment.

Tour Leader and Guide

First as part of ‘Ecology and Adventure’ and then with own eco-tour company ‘Photo Safaris’, planned and set up wildlife watching and photography tours to remote destinations in South America (e.g. Patagonia, High Andes, Amazonas, Pantanal, Central and South America, Antarctica). Coordinated logistics, guided and led adult groups from around the world.

Nature Interpreter

Worked as part of a team for environmental NGOs (Students on Ice, Friends of Missouri Botanical Garden, Argentina’s Wildlife Foundation, Del Plata Ornithological Association, among others) organizing and guiding field trips and educational tours with schoolchildren, students, naturalists, the general public, local and foreign, to National Parks and natural areas in South America and Antarctica.


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