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The Amazon Abyss with the BBC

September - November 2004

I spent almost three months in the Brazilian Amazon on a BBC assignment. The mission: to find the best locations, take photographs and arrange the logistics to film fish and other wildlife associated with the river.

All this had to do with the making of the last BBC Series: ‘Amazon Abyss’ (aired in April 2005) which tells the story of a diving expedition in search of the unknown creatures that live in the waters of the Amazon basin.

It was a fabulous experience. We travelled up and down the Arapiuns, Tapajós, Amazon and Negro rivers, discovered new fish species, wrestled 5 m long Anacondas, mapped by first time the Amazon river bed finding the deepest spot ever measured (95 m!) and handled 2 m long Pirarucus (the largest freshwater fish in the world), amongst other adventurous activities.

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