To Argentina on a BCC shoot

March-April 2006

I will be in Argentina with a BBC crew to film sequences for 'Life in Cold Blood', the new David Attenborough's series on Amphibians and Reptiles of the world.

We will be filming in Northern Argentina, in the Ibera marshes area, where we hope to capture some unique sequences of Yellow Anaconda and Spectacled Caiman in the wild.

Wish us luck!


Antarctica again!

December 2005 - January 2006

Once more I was privileged to participate in the '2005-2006 Students on Ice Antarctica Expedition' as an Educaton Team member.

I was in charge of the workshops on 'Nature and Outdoor Photography' as well as lectures on 'Seabirds' and 'Penguins'.

I had the chance to test my new digital camera (Nikon D200) in the harsh conditions of the white continent. No problems at all!

Another unforgettable experience shared with a fantastic group of people, students, staff and crew alike!


Antarctica at Last!

January 2005

A dream came true. I had the privilege to join the Canadian ‘2004 Students on Ice Antarctica Expedition’ as an Education Team member. A record of 80 students and 20 staff participated of a very memorable journey to the far South. We lived for 10 days onboard the Polar Star, a powerful icebreaker specially chartered for the occasion.

It was my first encounter with Antarctica’s breathtaking landscapes and its wildlife. My photographic skills were put under a serious test along my new digital camera (Nikon D70) that performed better than I expected.

With Geoff Green, director of Students On Ice (Canada) in Antarctica
With Geoff Green, director of Students On Ice (Canada) in Antarctica.
(Photo: S. Imberti)
I lectured and gave workshops on Nature Photography onboard and during the landings. Since most of the students had digital cameras, at the end of each day we would get together in the ship’s lecture room to share and select the images for the expedition’s website. People from all over the world, especially the student’s families, were able to follow our expedition’s progress day by day. Feel what it was like being there at

I am very grateful to Geoff Green and Barbra Segal, who made possible my participation in the expedition.

Check out the new Antarctica galleries where you will find images of the natural wonders we saw.


The Amazon Abyss with the BBC

September - November 2004

I spent almost three months in the Brazilian Amazon on a BBC assignment. The mission: to find the best locations, take photographs and arrange the logistics to film fish and other wildlife associated with the river.

Daniel in the Amazon
In the middle of the Amazon river, filming fish with an underwater camera attached to a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle). (Photo: S. Sargison)








All this had to do with the making of the last BBC Series: ‘Amazon Abyss’ (aired in April 2005) which tells the story of a diving expedition in search of the creatures that live in the waters of the never-explored black holes of the Amazon river.

It was a fabulous experience. We travelled up and down the Arapiuns, Tapajós, Amazon and Negro rivers, discovered new fish species, wrestled 5 m long Anacondas, mapped by first time the Amazon river bed finding the deepest spot ever measured (95 m!) and handled 2 m long Pirarucus (the largest freshwater fish in the world), amongst other adventurous activities.

Check out the new Amazon galleries!

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