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Coming feature
Coming feature: Meet the people and the wildlife of the Brazilian Amazon.

Here you will find a selection of unique stories from around the world covering nature, wildlife, environment, cultures, and travel destinations off the beaten track.
All were researched and shot (in film and digital) by Daniel on location.
If you are a magazine editor, journalist, filmmaker or researcher looking for new, visually exciting locations and stories that can be tailored to your needs, contact us.

- Full stories and additional images for publishing are available on request.
- Further research or re-shoot can be undertaken if required.
- Images can be sold separately as high-res files, scans or high-quality prints.

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Nature & Environment »
Ghost crabs Curious or creepy? Get up close with the Ghost Crabs.
Grand Mosque

Enter the breathtaking Grand Mosque in Oman.

Arabian Oryx Still fighting for survival, the story of the endangered Arabian Oryx.
Funeral in Bali Witness the most colourful celebration of death on the planet.
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